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We don’t work 9 to 5-We work until the job gets done.

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    Strategic Communications

    Good strategy links the core values of an individual or organization with needs of a community or target audience–and a winning strategic plan can make all the difference between getting to where you want to be and falling just short. Utilizing our experience and imagination, we’ll work with you to build a map that will lead to message clarity, momentum and results.

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    Public Relations

    When you’re in the public eye, what you say matters. Public relations is all about smart communication–communication with customers, employees, businesses or organizations, and the general public. You need to always put your best foot forward. Checkmate will help you craft and deliver messages that will stand apart and deliver results.

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    With a 24-hour news cycle and ever-expanding social media, everyone is competing for a slice of the ever-increasing media pie. We help you stand out with bold, innovative advertising that cuts through and allows you to reach your audience.In the world of advertising, it’s all about return on investment. If you don’t know how to navigate the treacherous media waters, money can be wasted–and fast. You may have the right audience, but the wrong message. Or the right audience, but the wrong message. Or the right message, but the wrong medium.
    We stay on top of the latest media and advertising statistics and trends to help you get the absolute most out of your advertising budget. We know how to help you reach the right audience, with the right message, through the right medium.

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    Having a comprehensive marketing plan should be one of the main focuses of your business or organization if you want to succeed. Marketing is consumer driven and should be based on one question: “Who needs what I am offering?” Once you‘ve identified your target audience, it’s time draw them in, and keep them coming back. We’ll help you do that.

    A good marketing plan delivers results across multiple platforms, including paid and free media, social media, networking, and business development. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that is fluid and able to evolve with the changing times in order to keep your customers happy, your potential customers interested and your competitors at bay.

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    Grassroots Advocacy

    One of the most important aspects of a campaign is getting people to take action–to join your movement and help advance your cause. Checkmate’s principles have run some of the largest grassroots campaigns in the history of Rhode Island. We know how to deploy phones, email, web, social media, letters and door-knocking to get people active and build support for your issue.

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    Digital Strategy

    We’re a full-service media agency, and that means our strategic plan for your communications needs to incorporate all aspects of your media footprint, including social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Your social media efforts should seamlessly integrate with your offline efforts. We’ll show you how.

    We provide full content management options and offer powerful marketing solutions to increase your “likes,” “RTs,” and “connections.”

    Online organizing will never replace quality in-person contact and base building, but it certainly goes a long way in strengthening your critical offline efforts.

    We work with our clients to craft a results-driven online strategy that includes everything from fundraising to list building. We’ll develop advocacy campaigns that can augment your existing communications plan, or respond quickly when the news cycle demands. Supporters who engage online are more likely to take action by giving, writing letters, making phone calls and knocking doors. A winning online advocacy plan needs to inform, energize and ultimately mobilize your base. We’ll show you how.

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    Media Relations

    Checkmate is run by people who’ve worked on both sides of the microphone and notebook.

    Over the years, we’ve built good relationships with local and national members of the media. We don’t just send out a press release and hope for the best. We use our contacts to inform various media outlets as to why your issue is important. We have decades of media experience,and members of our team have been “on the record” spokespeople for numerous gubernatorial,statewide and Congressional campaigns.

    In the news business, speed, integrity and accuracy matter.

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    Political Consulting

    With an electoral success rate of over 95% on campaigns ranging from presidential to school committee, Checkmate will take your campaign from inception to inauguration.

    Our team has more than three decades of experience in government and political consulting. We know how the political game is played at the highest levels–and we use that knowledge to put our clients in the best position to win. We combine a grassroots approach with targeted paid media to ensure voters will not just connect your arrow on Election Day, but get active in your campaign.

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    Crisis Communication

    What your mother told you is true: sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

    When things go wrong and you find yourself in a media maelstrom, one unintended slip of the tongue can do serious damage to your reputation or business. With vast experience in guiding our clients through public and media crises, we know what it takes to help you navigate your way out. Checkmate offers “on the record” spokesperson services to handle the press, and we’ll work with you to develop a strategy for responding to any crisis, big or small. We’ll also work with you to get that message out to the appropriate audiences, whether it be the media, your employees, or the public at large.

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    TV and Video

    We take particular pride in producing high-quality television ads and media that are strategically-driven, original and compelling. Our goal is to help you convey a sentiment that will inform or move the public.

    Time is money, so we move fast. We can turn around your television or online media quickly, when necessary–that’s why they call it “rapid response.” We’ll work with you to line up the right shots and makes make sure the right details are accentuated.


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    Web Services

    We make your company’s online footprint count. Not only do we design, develop and host your website, but we make sure it gets traffic by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, SEO (search engine optimization), YouTube and much more.

    If you want to be seen or heard online, it’s simple. You need to know how to use the right tools. Email marketing; Search engine optimization; Google AdWords; Google Analytics–these can be somewhat intimidating terms if you’re a new campaign or company trying to broaden your digital footprint. At Checkmate, we work with you to ensure you are properly employing these services so you stay ahead of your competition in the ever-changing world of technology.



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    Chances are if you spend any time in a car or listen to the radio at work, you’ve heard one of our ads. We have a top-of-the-line production studio and an enormous catalogue of voiceover talent and music to give your ad the right tone and feel.

    Radio is a diverse market and can be very effective for targeting a specific audience. We’ll work with you to engineer a concept and drive the message home to the right listeners.


    Listen to some of our work

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    Graphic Design

    Some people will decide what they think about you based on the logo on your website or business card. Your brand matters. With an award-winning graphic designer on staff, Checkmate makes our clients–and their work–look sharp. We handle all aspects of crafting your winning brand, from an original logo that pops, to direct mail, print ads, business cards, letterhead, flyers and much more.



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    Direct Mail

    In the age of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, direct mail isn’t always on the tip of the tongue. But when done right–it works–as we’ve proven time and time again in a number of winning down-ticket and statewide issue campaigns.

    Winning mail begins with winning strategy. We’ll work with you draft copy that cuts through and accompany the piece with photos and graphics that augment your message. And, with a union print shop in-house, we take care of all the printing, and even handle the mailing services to make sure your ideas find their way into the right mailboxes.



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    Print Ads

    Print ads can be a great supplement to a campaign, whether you are trying to reach a national audience, statewide audience, or targeted local audience. When it comes to print ads, our goal is simple: make it pop.

    There are a lot of ads in any given newspaper or magazine, and most of them don’t generate a second look. Our “Art Guy” designs high-quality ads that cut through the clutter and ensure your ad jumps off the page. We make people notice.


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    Printing Services

    We have a full-service, union print shop for all your printing needs. Because the print shop is in-house, we can turn your job around quickly, and meet your deadlines.